October 19, 2019

Those of us who write inbetween performing day jobs, household chores and child-raising have particular needs. Sometimes it’s hard to know when the muse will strike. Sometimes the best set plans result in totally different outcomes.

I’ve set up some days-off from the day job in order to get my novel done. Last weekend was terrific. I got thousands of words written and hit the magical milestone of one hundred thousand words in my manuscript.

Somehow today isn’t working the same. I started with the long walk and photo journey just the same as last week. Then I thought I might attend the NaNoWriMo get-together in the cafe in the basement of The Bay downtown. That was a mistake. I walked through the building and decided I needed to purchase baby gifts for a family member, socks for myself and a curious sparkly dog-faced Christmas sweatshirt. (Not kidding about the shirt.) Therefore, today’s word count has been zero.

Tomorrow’s another day though and I’ll restart then. Yesterday I rewrote a story for a market I’d love to be in, getting it ready for submission.

For those of you interested in science fiction and fantasy writing, be aware it’s a good thing to be published in the little markets. Unlike major fiction or romance even, there are connections between all of the SFF markets. So an agent or publisher will read the short story anthologies and magazines.